Coverage and Operations

Currently we cover the whole of  Greater London area with an aspiration to grow beyond this geographic boundary.

We are growing our network of clerks in different parts of London. Essentially, the aim is that clerks have the jobs on their doorstep and the vendor’s anxiety about the clerk not turning up on time is buried with yesterdays worries.

All Pixel clerks obey industry standards and follow a regularly updated  manual with up-to-date working guidelines. They are star rated by clients and paid on a per job basis.

Pixel Inventory Technology

We use technology to partner with qualified and accredited Inventory clerks in the Greater London area that undertake Inventory inspections via the Pixel Inventory Brand. Our platform matches jobs to the nearest clerk with spare availability and connects to them via an App as they are booked to attend the inspection.  This model improves response speeds, cuts miles travelled per inspection, optimises turn around time, and supports local business.