Simple Pricing

Property Inventory services with simple prices.


studio & 1 bed

£ 80
  • Up to 1 Bedroom
  • Realtime Availability
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Check In Included
  • Tailored clerk access
  • Order Extras
  • Re-schedule or cancel


2 & 3 Bed

£ 100
  • Up to 3 Bedroom Realtime Availability
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Check In Included
  • Tailored clerk access
  • Order Extras
  • Re-schedule or cancel


4+ Bedrooms

£ 150
  • 4+ Bedrooms Realtime Availability
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Check In Included
  • Tailored clerk access
  • Order Extras
  • Re-schedule or cancel

Each Report Includes

Schedule of Condition
Statement on Cleanliness
Meter Readings
Smoke & CO2 detectors

Keys noted & photographed
Appliances Serial Numbers photographed where accessible
Kitchen Appliances tested for power

Fire lables noted
Blind cord safety brackets noted
Comprehensive Item describtions
Detailed Item Conditions
Property Certificates



Tailored Service

Customise your booking according to your needs. Add requirements to your booking such as extra rooms. Get real time availability and pricing.

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Frequently asked questions about our service before you go a step further.

We hope you find the answers helpful and if you would like to find out more you can speak to our team.

How do I make a complaint?

Our Client (operations) Support team is ready to assist you with day -to-day queries.

In case you need to make a complaint, please email us to client@pixelinventory.co.uk

Who are our Clients?

We work with Estate Agents, Landlords, Developers and anyone who needs a property Inventory services.

All vendors and landlords are able directly instruct Pixel Inventory Services.

How long has Pixel Inventory been operating?

Pixel Inventory has been operating since 2018.


Do Pixel Inventory meet standard compliance and regulations?

Pixel Inventory operates as contractor who perform work on behalf of property professionals.

We do not seek to negotiate or gain new instructions in terms of lets or sales. We are not property experts but simply a platform matching clients with property inventory clerks.

Therefore it is our understanding that we do not need to register  with Property Redress scheme or with HMRC for money laundering supervision.

Currently we do not operate in Wales and Scotland.

Why Outsource your inventory report?

Outsourcing is becoming more and more common within the property industry and has proved to be highly valuable.

Outsourcing inventories was so far a missing component as often inventories needs to be done at short notice, reliable and at an acceptable price.

How do I arrange property access & key handling?

Should you or any of your staff be unable to give access to the the property at the arranged time, we work with Key Nest as well as with Stuart delivery service, who we can instruct for a key collection/ drop off at additional cost.

Where can I find pricing information

Our basic charges are displayed on our pricing page.

Costs vary with regards to additional services, such as key collection, checklist etc.

At the moment we do not offer any discounts.

What services are provided?

We are Property Inventory Service providers in England. Our reports are submitted within 48h from the time the inspection finished.

We offer :

Inventory Report

Inventory Report & Check In service

Check out Report

Check Out report & Check Out service

Mid Term Report

Key collection Service

Extras – checklists,  inventoried cookery, cutlery, etc.

Are the clerks trained?

Pixel clerks are either fully trained or highly experienced Property Inventory Professionals.

Must be insured with professional liability and public indemnity insurance.

They are all vetted before they can accept any work assignment.

Our vetting process consists of an online application, photographic ID, work eligibility documentation, proof of address, training certification/ previous working contract and a Basic Disclosure.

Pixel Clerks are also committed to follow our working Manual, which ensure level professional standards.

Clerks get rated after an inspection is performed by our clients.

How long do Inspections take?

Each inspection has an allocated time, in fact slightly more, should arise any complications accessing the property.

We always require the property to be empty for the clerk to be able to carry out his/her inspection undisturbed and distracted.

Should there be tenants moving in/ moving out, cleaners/renovators carrying out their job at the time of the booking, the inspection can not be performed & 50% call out charge apply.


What can I expect from the report?

Each clerk may have their own style of writing the report, however they all meet industry standards and commit to certain level of detail.

With Inventory Reports ( not Check out reports) there is 5 days open to amendments period from submitting the report. This means Tenants and landlords can forward us their photographic evidence with comments should they feel something was missed out in the report. This way we really minimize the chances for disputes as everyone has the opportunity to check the reports and amend it if necessary.

Can I book a Check In / check Out Service?

If you wish for a Pixel Clerk to check your tenants in or out of the property, this can be arranged at end of the inspection. We will allocate extra time to the inspection which allows for this, however should the tenants be late the clerk will be available only until this time slot expires.

What is done when leaving the property and returning the keys?

You can choose to instruct our clerk to :

  1. Wait for a principle to collect the keys.
  2. Push the keys through the letterbox into the property they inspected.
  3. Request Key Nest or Stuart delivery arrangement.

What if the clerk is misses the appointment?

In an exceptional circumstance that our clerk fails to turn up in sufficient time, misses the appointment or cancel just before the booking you will be refunded your money.

We will do our best to rearrange for the inspection asap within the next 24h for reduced fees. We will be able to carry on the inspection only if the tenants cooperate and remain reasonably unpacked until the clerk leaves the property.

Will the meter readings be taken?

All our clerks include meter readings in their reports, however should the meters be placed in unusual places we require the instructing principle for guidance beforehand.

Water meters which are placed under ground on a street level or other meters difficult to access will be checked and captured only if instructing principle gives access at the beginning of the booking.

Our clerks carry standard meter key, however should the meters be accessed via Fire Brigade Key or other not standard key, we expect this key to be provided to our clerk.

Can a checklists be used?

All appliances will be inventoried, however should you wish to have captured and noted their Serial Numbers, this is qualified as extras, which we can provide at additional cost.

Should you have your checklist ready, please present us with a clear readable photograph and we will attach it to the Report in an allocated section at the end.